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From Derek Inman, a local resident living a few yards from the Lighthouse

" I have read reports in the local press that the local council are considering proposals to acquire it and move it to a site somewhere in the town. I feel and those of the Village with whom I have discussed it agree that it is a significant and impressive feature of our stretch of coastline and adds considerably to our amenity. It would be a great shame if it were removed. I assume the working parts would be removed when it ceases operation, so whoever was responsible for it thereafter would need to look after the remaining structure which looks like mainly painting. "
From Jean & Roger Wharton, local residents at the old Nautical School overlooking the Lighthouse

" We have just seen the notice in connection with the lighthouse at Fedden Village. Both my husband and myself feel very strongly that the Lighthouse must be preserved not only for its historical/local importance but as a beautiful structure in its own right. Very glad to hear that there is a proposal for a Trust to be set up to save this structure. "
From a local resident at the old Nautical School

" I wish to express my strong support for preserving the lighthouse as a monument to Victorian engineering, to the work of Trinity House in the past and the ships that have been saved by the lighthouse system. I think that, even now, the work of seamen has its dangers but in the past it was even more dangerous. Retaining the lighthouse after it is decommissioned will be a focus for our appreciation of those seamen of the past.

And, being only a few years older that the nautical school; they’ve been together for over a century – it would be criminal to separate them. I have a lovely monochrome photograph, given to me as a warming present when I moved into my flat, which shows the lighthouse with the nautical school in the background. "