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Norewood Lodge Presentation

Slideshow and Talk by Bill Shier

The presentation is meant to be entertaining as well as informative. It consists entirely of graphics, photographs and pictures and at no point do we read text off the screen to you.

It starts out with the maritime justification for a lighthouse at Black Nore Point, the engineering design of the structure, the local history through the years, how Blacknore Lighthouse Trust came into being, maintenance work that is required and how the Lighthouse Trust will preserve it for posterity.

At the end there will be a short announcement about the new membership cards and accounting procedures for the Friends of Blacknore Lighthouse and a quick update on our financial position.

The presentation will be followed by questions and answers and discussion of our future plans.

A considerable amount of work has gone into research and analysis of the structure and the work that will be required and we should be able to answer any detail questions that might arise.

Date and time will be announced

Norewood Lodge Nursing Home, 72 Nore Road,Portishead,BS20 8DU, tel: 01275 818660

Admission is free and parking is available.
Bill Shier
tel: 01275 817017
mobile 07802 615123