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Blacknore Lighthouse Trust CIC


Lighthouses are no longer required for commercial navigation and in 2010 the Black Nore Light became surplus to requirements. Finding it slated for demolition, the local community came together and formed a Community Interest Company (CIC) to take over ownership and the responsibility for its maintenance. Blacknore Lighthouse Trust CIC was formed in May 2011 as a limited company, limited by guarantee. Shortly afterwards they purchased the Lighthouse in the name of the new company.


We will protect the Lighthouse and its attendant freehold property from development or modification for the enjoyment of future generations. Our sole purpose is to preserve and maintain Blacknore Lighthouse as a landmark in good and serviceable condition as an example of its unique 1890's architecture.

Preserving the Lighthouse does not require operating it as a functioning beacon. The internal mechanisms and hazardous chemicals have already been removed, and there only remains to preserve the structure as a monument.


By registering the company with the CIC Regulator, the assets of the company are locked and protected beyond the control of the company. Regardless of the operation or existence of the company, the Lighthouse and the associated property can only be used, or disposed of, in accordance with the original objectives.

The Secretary of State has also listed the Lighthouse as a Grade II structure of architectural and historic interest, for protection by the English Heritage Commission.

Company Activities

Providing maintenance and preservation of the lighthouse and raising funds for operation of the company.

Primary finance is raised by annual subscriptions and from fund raising events.