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Lighthouse Day
Organised by The Friends of Black Nore Lighthouse

Weather forecast is for a dry Saturday 16th August 2014, and Lighthouse Day will go ahead as planned.

Black Nore Lighthouse Day on Saturday 16th of August will be a celebration of the five hundred years for Trinity House, which is responsible for the provision and maintenance of aids to navigation in England, Wales and the Channel Islands, including over 60 lighthouses. They were also responsible for turning Blacknore Lighthouse over to our Community Trust and have been supportive of our ongoing efforts every since.

We will be celebrating with food and beverages at the Portishead Yacht and Sailing Club from 12 to 4pm. The Yacht Club will be holding a race to Black Nore Point and back for the Black Nore Cup. The race culminates at 12:30 in front of the clubhouse. Spectators will be able to watch the colourful procession from the Lighthouse, along the footpath and from the Club House.

Music is being supplied by Jill Elliot and her group “Highly Strung”. The group of twelve musicians will be playing from the balcony overlooking Sugar Loaf Bay during the festivities.

There will be food and a bar in the clubhouse. Coffee and teas, wine and beer, meat pies, cakes and pastries will be available to keep revellers from getting hungry.

Paintings and pictures by local artist will be on display. Author Rosie Smith known for her beautiful books and watercolours on the Somerset Coast and local artists Verna Crowhurst and Ingrid Slater will be on hand to display their works. Pam Wright will be offering a selection of RNLI gift items.

Colin Wilson will announce the winner of the days race and Portishead’s very own television journalist and sports presenter David Passmore will conduct the raffle and lead an auction.

The Lighthouse will be turned on during the celebrations as a demonstration of what it was like during the 117 years that Blacknore was operational. Guided tours of the internal workings of the Lighthouse will be available at £5 for members and £10 for non-members of the Friends of Blacknore Lighthouse. If you have paid a subscription or donation you are a member. Tickets must be purchased from the cashier in the Club House before entering the Lighthouse, as the guides will not be able to sell tickets.

The Club House, musicians and organising staff are all donating their time free of charge and all proceeds go to maintenance of Blacknore Lighthouse.

Entry is free and parking is available at the bottom of Belton and Nichol’s Roads.
Bill Shier
tel: 01275 817017
mobile 07802 615123