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Denny Island
On the 28th and 29th of September Neil Carter went to Denny Island and stayed for 24 hours. Denny Island was reportedly a dangerous place and was covered with rats. It was sometimes referred to as Rat Island. However Neil can now confirm that Rat Island is not covered with rats. It is covered with the accumulated deposits left by many generations of sea gulls.

Neil has got cleaned up and has returned safely to his old haunt the Black Horse Pub where he whiles away his time entertaining locals with tales of daring travels to a not so far away island. For all his struggles and deprivations, our modern day Robinson Caruso has managed to raise £504 pounds which he donated to the Friends of Blacknore Lighthouse. The Trust is very appreciative of Neilís contribution

Blacknore continues to receive strong public support. Over the years many hundreds of people have contributed many thousands of pounds to the Lighthouse. However Neilís contribution will always stand out as the most daring and eccentric.

At the same time all this was going on, Stuart Ashford has come to Portishead in search of his family history. It seems that the Ashford family is not only known for maintaining Blacknore Lighthouse for three generations but also for working aboard the paddle steamer Waverley and aboard tugs in Avonmouth. Eve Wigan the definitive author of our local history mentions the family in regards to the earliest recorded history of Portishead. The Lighthouse Trust will be helping Stuart to research our common heritage, which will be compiled into The History of Blacknore Lighthouse.

Since joining the team Stuart has demonstrated a keen and active interest in moving the project forward. Being an experienced seaman and boat owner he was able to dive right in and attack some of our most pressing rust problems. He has not only donated generously to the trust in time and money but has also encouraged others to take part. His enthusiasm is contagious. During Gordano Open Days he acted as a guide explaining the architecture and history of the Lighthouse and encouraged others to join the trust. His efforts are much appreciated.